Suzy Homewrecker Maker strikes again

I’m in a minor cleaning frenzy this evening. The apartment is in an emergency state. I figured I’d let the kitties have at it while I was gone, but playtime’s over. Time to get the skid marks outta the carpet and try to make the place party-time presentable.

Kadi’s in her cage, and both kitties are happily snacking on turkey while I nuke the bathroom. I’ve developed an obsession with changing the shower liner every two or three weeks. Of course, Kadi uses it as a scratching post and rips holes in it daily. She also likes to eat the bathroom rugs, and there are always dark blue pieces of fabric littering the floor.

I’m not catering this soiree like the last one. I have tons of cookies and alcohol. I may toss together a spinach dip or something, but about 70 loads of laundry need to come first. And the car looks like I drove it to to the North Pole, it has so much salt and other crap from the highways on it.

Next Christmas, Bryan and Paul have sworn to rent me a maid for a day. I think they should just rent ME out and let me earn some money cleaning like a maniac for other people!

Damn it, what the HELL did I do with my Swiffer?!?!

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