Sunday bloody Sunday

I swear, it is NOT fair that women must shave their legs and the extremities of their tender parts. Damn it to hell. I totally gouged the back of my leg and I’m sitting here, trying not to kill the cat. Oh, the pain. New razors SUCK!!! I can completely understand why “granola girls” become that way — not that I want french-braidable armpit hair, by any means, but I would imagine that electroshock therapy would sting a bit less than razor burn. Shit. IKEA Boy asked why I even bothered, unless I were planning on getting laid. lol. Not bloody likely. Heh.

And I’m going to further ruin my day with a strapless bra. Oh, why the hell not, right? Bring it on. … It matches the black underwear with which I’ve paired it, though, not that anybody’s gonna even see it. 🙂

IKEA Boy and I decided to blow off going to Mark’s party today — he moved to Maryland, and who the hell wants to drive to Maryland? I was planning to take a road trip to Tyson’s Corner or Potomac Yards today (short trips, of course), but we decided we’re going to take a jaunt to IKEA (surprise) out at Potomac Mills instead. Not like either of us can afford to shop, but it’s better than sitting here with my thumb up my ass.

I was reading some of my old blog entries. I was also reading some old journals, wondering what — if anything — I should share in this forum. Hell with it. There’s a certain disdain I have for those who live in the past, and right now, I think that rehashing all the drama from the last few years of my life would serve to depress the shit out of me. 🙂

I visited Kirby and Jynx when IKEA Boy was at school yesterday. Those dogs are so damn BAD! They are Maddie’s little brothers, and she is eternally grateful to not have to live with them. Kirby is such a shithead — literally. He took a dump and started eating it, even as I yelled at him to stop. I had to slide my way to the back of the yard to grab him and drag him back to the house, and he stopped along the way to graze on Jynxie’s droppings. Argh. To make matters worse, Kirby, once inside the warm house, decided to thank me for my efforts by licking my leg. I had to wash my jeans with a paper towel in the sink before I left. Oh, the joys of being an aunt. …

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