Lunch was good. I helped Shan to set up and decorate the shindig. Other than a handful of people showing up early and trying to sample the food before it was ready to be served, it went well. Some of these folks are just pigs, though — several went back for seconds before half the group even got through the line. Oinkeroo! Shan says they all need to get some class. Especially Jean — the Town Crier’s useless assistant (perfect — they’re both useless) was in all the food with her fingers and shit. I wanted to break her fingers on a number of occasions. Incidentally, she dribbled BBQ sauce all down her purple shirt. Priceless.

Shan and I had a ball, though. We were laughing and cracking jokes and making the event as painless as possible.

Just also had our post-mortem meeting on the California adventure. These people hate hearing anything remotely constructive or, god forbid, negative. I sat with the executive director and made comments under my breath. He was kind of annoyed with me, but I basically said I’d e-mail my commentary to the conference staff, as every time I made a suggestion, I got slammed. Ergh.

Long day ahead. Meetings are finally over for the day, though — now to do some work!

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