Something borrowed. …

I was unable to get to sleep last night, suddenly remembering the *perfect* pair of strappy sandals in one of my many boxes that are the exact same shade as Shan’s wedding dress. So I got up and, unbelievably, they were in the first box I opened. I’d only worn the shoes once, and that was when I still lived in Pittsburgh, and I’d damn near forgotten about them.

I brought the shoes to work, and they fit her wonderfully. The mesh and trim look exactly like the edge of her veil. She is so very thrilled to have not only the gorgeous dress (see previous entry), but also the ideal shoes that are borrowed from me. It’s a special day here, indeed. 😀

I also gave her a “something new” gift — an iridescent crystal bracelet that she’d tried on a few weeks ago. She ended up not puchasing it, so I went back to the store the next day and grabbed it. She’s so grateful and gracious, but the real reward for me is that she is truly looking forward to her special day, more so than ever, and if I, in some way, made things easier, I’m doing my job. 🙂

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