I went to the local party. And had an amazing time.

I had a few high-school moments, which I won’t go into. (What strange memories can wash back over you 15 years later when you’d thought you’d never feel that way again.) It was nothing anyone said or did — I just retreated very far into my head once or twice and it was familiar, supposedly forgotten, territory. Bizarre.

Minus my “Inner Goddess” moments on the deck (where I saw a shooting star!), there were a multitude of magnificent moments, wherein the girls and I were discussing “conference crushes” that nearly everyone had developed while we were out of town. (Well, I’m not implying that I had anything to add to the discussion. …) 😉

Anyway, I’ve also been on a big Stevie Nicks kick, and unexpectedly, our humble hostess turns out to be a fabulous singer/guitarist and she started singin’ some Stevie. A sign that I was definitely in the right place.

As if I needed more proof that I picked the right party …

So …

… I met a boy.


Well, he made sure to give me his business card, which probably means he’s really trying to sell me something and not necessarily indicate that he’d enjoyed our conversations. Because, really, isn’t that always the way? Or maybe he’s gay and just wants to give me a makeover or something. And let me tell you, I wouldn’t turn one down!

Actually, I’m pretty sure there could be a real business opportunity at hand here, so that’s what I’m expecting — a further discussion.

In all, I wish I could have gone to the psychic at the far-off party, but why wait for some strange person to tell me when I’m going to start having good things happen to me when I can, instead, HAVE good things happen to me?

Strange and wonderful the flood of good people the universe has recently washed ashore in my life, bringing incredibly dynamic souls who were previously on the periphery into my heart with deft, almost-imperceptible force.

I’m worth it, as my girlfriend reminded me on the phone tonight during a quick call between glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon. And as she posited, I need to make sure everyone else is equally worthy of me. …

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