So this is what morning looks like

I’ve been awake since before 5 a.m., and it wasn’t even a cat-induced shoot-up-out-of-bed-because-Kadi-is-destroying-something occurrence! (She’s in her cage right now, BTW.)

Of course, when I tried to go back to bed, she ensured that my slumber was permanently interrupted, as she knocked over the coffee pot and got stuck in the blinds again. 🙂

I started to wrap purple lights around my balcony railing yesterday; I might finish it if I ever get around to it (I’ve been having an attention-span problem lately — there ain’t nothin’ done around here!). I bought some garland for outside, too, but it wasn’t long enough (Aside to my female and gay male readers: Ain’t that usually the case? Sheesh!) and couldn’t find any similar strands, so I brought it in the house, defeated. But when I was outside, I decided to torment Kadi by dangling it above her head (she was inside). Dumbshit thought she could catch it, and she rammed her head against the glass, trying to jump for it. *snicker* Mom told me to quit putting the Short Bus Cat in situations where she could cause herself even more neurological damage. 🙂

It’s looking like there will be about 20 of us at my apartment-warming soiree (if you’re in the area and I’ve not invited you, let me know and I’ll send you an invite!). My good friends Dawn and Rob, formerly of Pittsburgh as well, have RSVP’d, and I’m ecstatic about that — we used to have many drunken good times together. And I will get to meet the infamous and ever-fabulous Silver Blue, Tink and Polo Randy.

I’m much like the Wizard of Oz when it comes to planning parties — I try to get an interesting mix of people, to keep things lively. I have great faith that I shall get my wish. 🙂

Mom helped me to plan the menu last night, and I look forward to learning how to pick some good meat from Grillmaster Scotty K. (Aside to Scott: Hey, buddy, how ’bout a Harris Teeter adventure prior to the soiree?) Scott is the self-proclaimed Harris Teeter whore (of, at least, the Arlington store), and I shall look forward to learning his shopping secrets. I might even let him swipe his VIC card on my purchase so that he can earn lotsa points toward the knife set that they are offering that he’s currently salivating over coveting. 🙂

The good news is that I have enough Italian genetics to be able to cook for 20 people without even batting an eye. The bad news is that I live next-door to one of the apartment complex managers. 🙁 Perhaps I should invite her, to keep the complaints at bay.

I’m not going to give away the menu, but I think I will save my usual bounty-o-specialty-appetizers for New Year’s and just, for now, stick to side dishes instead. I have a ton of things I usually make for parties, but I need to do new and different things, not to mention that Halloween is fun to celebrate foodwise. Maybe I’ll just make a shitload of baked goods this time around — and with enough wine in me (and there will be MORE than enough, thank you), I shall revisit my role as Betty Crocked.

I know I’m babbling like a fiend about this party, but I haven’t thrown a shindig since my 27th birthday party (two years ago, for those keeping track!). I wish I could invite more of the usual suspects from times since passed, but it will be good to have old friends mixed in among the new friends.

Now to just continue the unpacking so that I can decorate!!! 🙂

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