Snow glorious snow

You know, it snowed way more when I lived in Pittsburgh, but I just don’t remember the sticky white stuff being such an inconvenience there.

On the news last night, I heard that the City of Alexandria only budgeted for $24 million for snow-related services — after blowing the budget sky-high last year with more than $48 million spent on salting, shoveling and hauling the shit somewhere. I was also disturbed when the newscaster noted that they will not pre-salt the roads just before the snow starts, nor will they be able to get to all the areas of the city — just the ones that really need it, and if there are materials left over, then they’ll take care of the areas that weren’t hit so hard.


Really, in Pennsylvania (and I’m sure, many other northern states), the reason the commutes aren’t overly treacherous is because PennDOT is on the roads all night, salting away so that, when the storms hit, the snow is melting practically upon impact. And as far as the “we’ll get to you …. maybe” point, well, I would like a refund on my personal property taxes, then, if my residence in the city doesn’t mean a damn thing (remember how I went without power/hot water for seven days after Hurricane Cuntrag this summer?).

It seems like only an inch has accumulated outside, but on the radio this morning, the list of accidents in the D.C. metro area was mind boggling, and most of them are in Northern Virginia. I’m sure there are horrifyingly bad drivers everywhere, but an unusual number of them seem to be concentrated here. That’s all the more reason to prep the roads before the masses get behind their wheels and terrorize innocent drivers.

In any event, I shall keep watching for the federal government to close, because, even though I’m not really afraid of driving in snow, I sure can use a day off from work!

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