Exciting day (if only in comparison to the last week of nothingness). I took a Wal-Mart odyssey this morning, stopping by Starbucks for the world’s worst caramel macchiato and then by Popeye’s for the nation’s best chicken strips.

That was enough of a day for me. I did not miss driving among Northern Virginia’s most psychotic morons, yet they gladly came out to remind me that they’re stll here. 🙂

I talked with Mikey today about giving the Short Bus cat back. I will probably cry when I am done typing this, but I think I made the right decision to put her up for adoption. If she were human, she’d be the child setting your bed on fire and stealing all your money. 🙂 Paul and Bryan are keeping her for a couple more days, but she’s done nothing but rip the shit out of their house, their cats, their belongings and their bodies. Obviously, she’d be doing the same here, and they are such good friends that they’d rather her terrorize them than me in my weakened state.

Mikey said he will come around Friday night to take the cat back. I feel a lump in my throat — I really do love the little rascal. She’s so friggin’ cute (although, we’ve established, not real bright), and all she wants is love. But she kept attacking and harassing Maddie, who’s never been around another cat before in her life, and Maddie walked around with her fur standing on end during Short Bus’s stay here. I can always hope that those two can eventually get along, but I haven’t been that good of a mommy to Maddie lately, and I know I can’t keep up with two kids. Maddie is at least pretty low-maintenance — give her food and peace, and she’s a happy cat.

I don’t know. I think I’m trying to talk myself into this. Short Bus will go up for adoption on Saturday. I just hope she finds a good home where everyone is loving and energetic and forgiving. She will be a great cat — it’s just hard to get through the feline equivalent of the “terrible twos” until that good cat is finally ready to show itself.

Everyone around here is preparing for Hurricane Isabel. I guess I should go buy some provisions, but I can barely lift myself up my steps, let alone bottled water and groceries.

I took Maddie outside on a harness and leash so she could get some fresh air on the balcony. She hates me. Howled the whole fucking time. I was on the phone with my Mom, and even she could hear her screaming. I swear — every time I go outside, the cat follows me, so I figured I’d do one better and let her come out with me. She promptly parked her pudgy ass on the floor and made me drag her outside. And despite herself, Maddie did sneak in a few moments of enjoying the sunshine — I can tell.

One of my neighbors across the street yelled over to ask if I’d been in the hospital — she saw me walking the past two days, and she figured I’d had an operation. I confirmed that and thanked her for asking. It’s nice when people notice what’s happening in your world. Maybe I won’t die a “Bridget Jones” death and be left alone to be eaten by wolves — maybe someone will notice I’m gone before that happens. 🙂

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