Did my ass just shrink?

It’s funny how, when I decide to be OK, I really become OK.

Health notwithstanding, of course. Damn cold is back and raging worse than it was before. It was a nice week and a half without it!

As I said on FaceyPages, I’m climbing off the cross, giving this particular burden back to God for the last time and looking forward to all the new things I’ve freed up my time to do that don’t involve worrying or fretting or being pissed off, sad, homicidal or otherwise out-of-sorts.

Speaking of getting out of my head, I was supposed to animal-sit this weekend but it turned into an invitation to go on a road trip instead. Long list of unfinished work aside, I said hell yeah. Look out, world!

My ass looks 8 pounds smaller. That’s because I’ve finally pulled my head out of it.

I really think I’m going to be OK this time.

*big smiles*

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