Slitting my own throat?

Hi (Demure),

I am having some difficulty with the additional project I’ve been assigned, which is to give a dummy layout to you and (King Kumquat) by noon today.

With the ad list coming from (Graphic Goddess) on the 13th and from (Ad Angel) on the 16th, I really don’t know on this date how many ads I will end up with and where they will be placed. My expectation is that we run give-or-take the same quantity of ads (oftentimes from the same advertisers) from month to month. The rule is to put them at the bottom of the page, that’s all I can really say at this point. i have sent e-mails to (Ad Angel) and (Graphic Goddess) to ask if they can sneak me a quick preview of the lists they will generate. (Graphic Goddess) can, in fact, get me an advance list.

My concern is that I will spend some time assembling this dummy layout, but unfortunately in the publishing world, things change on a dime. For instance, (Town Crier) handed me an obituary that (King Kumquat) would like for me to pull together. At this moment, it could be a two-column-inch obit or it can be a feature story — it’s anyone’s guess. Accordingly, i don’t want to give you a layout and have you wonder why I give you something completely different in two weeks.

At any rate, I of course can give you something, but I think my time would be better spent working on the stories I have been putting on the back burner as I am trying to rapidly learn how to do the editor’s job.

Thank you for your consideration,

(The Goddess) Dawn

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