Insomnia has struck. And this song keeps running through my head. And this song.

I’m cold, I’m hot, I’m obsessing about all that I’m not. And I’m watching “Pretty in Pink,” which is just depressing the wits out of me. I wish I could just call in sick tomorrow — I just want to pull the covers over my head and not come out till I’m good and ready. But that might not be until next year. 😉 I want to write poetry again; I haven’t been inspired in so long. But what will inspire me? I want to paint, to create, to mold, to shape. But for once in my life, I’d like to not give up or break whatever it is that I’ve made.

I swear my clock is mocking me. It knows that I won’t hear it go off in a few hours. I sleep best in the mid-morning hours, but my work schedule doesn’t permit that. Perhaps a drink is in order. Or Nyquil. Or suffocation by pillow. 🙂 Such irony that my name means daybreak, but I’m really a night owl.

“Day breaking on the boulevard

Feel the sun warming up your secondhand heart

Light swimming right across your face

And you think

Maybe someday

Yeah, maybe someday.”

I’m blogging offline again. No sense sharing this nonsense with my readers. Hope y’all are sleeping well tonight — ’cause I’m thinking of just giving up and getting some sleep tomorrow night instead.

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