My mechanic always tells me, don’t make an appointment — just show up super-early and we’ll take care of you.

I got there super-early today, and they said they were too busy. Perhaps make an appointment?

And guess who scratched her car getting out of the too-tight parking lot that she was planning to leave on foot when she parked in the last spot.

It shocked me that people can actually tell you, nope. Too busy. Can’t help ya.

You can DO that?!!! SIGN ME UP.

I decided not to go back. Ever. It’s like I was telling a friend yesterday — take resistance as a sign. Do something else. Go someplace else. Listen to the universe.

My friend has a different outlook. He said resistance is just the universe’s way of testing you. It wants you to try again till you bust down that silly roadblock.

Roadblocks ain’t shit, to paraphrase him. We are stronger than those any day.

He’s probably right. Especially when I seem to encounter resistance just about everywhere.

But I also feel I’m doing a disservice to my gut and my spirit guides when I’m too stubborn (or otherwise stuck in the mud) to follow their signs.

And let me tell you, if the burning I’ve had in the back of my throat for the past year every minute of every day (and night. Especially at night) isn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is.

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