I don’t feel well today. I’ve had a migraine for four days, so any voice pitch above a whisper may catapult me into a seizure. It’s the wisdom teeth, no doubt, but I still haven’t gotten my dental card in two-plus months of working. Argh.

Customer service nightmare last night: MCI . It sucks. MCI totally sucks donkey dick. Even more so than Verizon, where the service itself is horrid but the customer service reps are amazingly courteous and friendly.

I cannot begin to document the horror, although in summary: after two-and-a-half months, I STILL have no long distance service!! But MCI has gladly been billing me for it. So I called a customer service rep last week, who talked me into adopting MCI as my local carrier, with a promise that my long-distance would be accessible within 24 hours. Well, a week later (last night), I got that bill and still couldn’t call my family from the home phone. I spoke to three representatives, the second of whom hung up on me. Now, I do not raise my voice, nor do I whine, nor do I have unreasonable requests. For her ghetto-bitch ass to hang up on me, well, I was through with them. I called another MCI number and proceeded to sit on hold for nearly an hour, listening to alternating songs between Mariah Carey and Sting. No joke, they took turns. It was bloody awful.

Finally, a very nice rep named Chris got on the line, asked questions, apologized profusely for the previous operator’s behavior, and asked what he could do to keep me as a customer. I said, “Give me long distance service so I can call my family!” Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen. I was furious. I told him I was more than accustomed to dysfunctional relationships … that I need something functional in my life, and if I can’t have a good experience calling my phone company, then that was plain ridiculous. I told him to cancel my so-called service.

But here’s the catch: because I was smoking an incredibly large crack rock last week, seemingly, when I opted to have MCI as my local carrier (it was the free long distance service that wooed me), if MCI disconnected my LD service last night, I would have had no dial tone at all. Now, any of you who know me know that I would be MORE than happy to not have the extra phone bill (my cell phone works just fine, and I have a phone at work), but because this is a subject where the roommate and I do not agree, I had to keep the stupid service (not that I enjoy paying the extra money per month when I have other expenses toward which it can be applied). In order to get rid of MCI, I have to contact Verizon to reinstate my service with them, and then call MCI to remove the LD service. It makes sense, but it’s too much aggravation.

What pissed me off, more than the bitch hanging up on me, was that the operator BEFORE her told me that a block was put on my service on June 24, due to non-payment. I was livid! I’ve had continuous Verizon and MCI service since 1995, and the account has always been in my name, and further, my service was only hooked up in Virginia on June 15 as an EXTENSION of my bill in Pennsylvania. Non-payment, my ass!!! Considering that I never even RECEIVED a bill from MCI until August!!! ARGH!!!!

At any rate, I am going to just let MCI do their thing and hook up the new plan. What the hell; it’s already in progress. I will put up with shitty customer service to acquire free LD, although I made it a point to remark that it frightens me to spend $50/month instead of $4/month for their incompetence. In my next place, I swear, I am not having a land line. Never in a million years. I am so sick of this shit.

Unrelated, we’re out of summer dress-down days at work. So now everyone still looks like shit, just in different clothes. 🙂 And I had to try on seven pairs of shoes this morning, to accommodate the blisters I’ve acquired from trying to break in new shoes. I’m hobbling around like a nitwit in what ended up being the most comfortable pair. Nothing can take your mind off your troubles like having sore feet.

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