And not in a way I enjoy.

Got my taxes done. I was so sick and stuffy and cranky that I forgot to ask about deductions for health care and moving. Apparently I will get my money back, although the way my relations are going with the student loan company, anything can happen. The student loan people, well, I told them that I can’t make their ridiculous payment (it’s an 18 percent interest rate, just like on my car, and guess which one I’d rather pay for?), so they told me to make a *full* $400 payment and fill out a form that might or might not be approved for me to get smaller payments. Um, what fucking part of “You either get a smaller payment or no payment from me?” aren’t they getting?

Also got screwed in the writing of the letter to the Oscar winner. Frosty the H.R. Queen sent a snooty note thanking me for my input into HER letter! CUNTRAG!!!

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