The office building management has been testing the fire alarm system since 7 a.m. and won’t stop till after 11. I am sick of jumping every half hour, although it is probably the only effective way to keep me awake at this hour. 🙂

I just realized that, at the Bon Jovi concert last weekend, I might have seen Jon’s wife Dorothea. I saw a gal with a baby carriage who looked just like her, and it just occurred to me that she recently gave birth (and that no one in their right mind would bring an infant to a rock concert, no matter where they were sitting). Heh. I should’ve stopped to look at the kid, ’cause god knows he keeps his kids out of the press.

Oh, and we haven’t had e-mail at work for more than four days. And I do half of my workload online. Fuck.

And did I mention that the cat shat all over the bathroom floor this morning?

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