Scott: My hero

I am sending some serious love to Scott today for an awesome party last night! Along with being a considerate and witty host, he was also considerate of his Atkins-friendly guests and was sure to provide plenty of meat and salad and diet pop. I did break down and have one drink and some Wasabi peas, and I thought the Atkins gestapo (i.e., one of the other guests) was going to report me to the feds. Yeah, let ’em try. 😉

Shawn and I took advantage of the weather to hang out on Scott’s deck and enjoy the warm, breezy evening that was surprisingly torrential downpour-free.

The boys who showed up were mostly pretty cute. I thought Jay was cool, and J.R. was rather amusing as well. The girls were a riot — Fenni is the second coming of Margaret Cho, and all I can say about Jen is that she’s unquestionably a screamer in bed. 🙂 The Billy was a charming co-host, although I admit, my favorite party guest was Charlie, with whom I spent most of the evening. 🙂 I know I’m omitting a mention about other party guests, but well, I have my reasons. 🙂

Speaking of the diet, I cheated and had french fries today (just a small handful). I went to BK for a sandwich today, and after the standard intial lline, “You want combooooooo?” and I said no, I got one anyway. So I couldn’t resist a few nibbles. Oh well. I’ll live. 🙂

Went window-shopping today. Nothing exotic, by any means. I did realize that, now that I’ve been leaning toward wanting kids, I see and smell these people with five unruly children in the stores, and I want to stab a knife in my womb. Honestly, how can these people not discipline these ragamuffins? Do they not hear the children screaming in unison at the top of their little lungs?

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