Road rage

You. Yes you, moonbat. The asshole in the lavender Beamer. The one at the corner of Jordan and Duke. Yeah, I’m talking to you. See, you were in the right-turn-only lane. I was beside you in the lane that could go left, right or straight. But see, you wanted to go left (but your dumb ass was in the wrong lane) and I wanted to turn right (which I had every right to do). So when I went to turn right, your stupid ass decided to go straight. So I had to throw on the brakes and let your stupid ass escape unscathed and I actually had a schoolbus driver behind me throwing his hands up in the air because of your stupidity. That’s why I honked. If I’d been in a worse mood, I’d’a followed your ass and inserted my hooker heel in your rectum.

But because I was in a good mood this morning, I just let you off with an angry honk. But next time, kindly remove your headpiece or whatever was blocking you from reading the clearly illustrated markings on the pavement. Moron.

Budget meeting in two hours. Speaking of wanting to shove a hooker heel into someone’s rectum. …

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