Remind me again why I’m at work on a Saturday?


Cruise Director, you’re a pussy! Stand up to Pride Fag for one fucking day in your life!!! We are going to lose advertisers over this!!!!!


My horoscope said something yesterday about being tempted to quit my job on the spot. Editors have walked out over less than this. Not that I feel like being peniless and homeless — I ain’t walking out. But if I had unlimited funds to fall back on, you bet your ass I would be creating more of a riot than I already am, that’s for damn sure.

Seriously, i have been stressing myself out this week (over various issues, not just today’s serving of shit souffle), and today just brought a sudden wave of anger and anxiety that is starting to feel very familiar. It is also starting to get harder to control.

Late yesterday, I was calm. I figured fuck it — work crises are not worth wrecking my personal health and well-being. And I was right and just need to return to that place in my head where everything’s OK. My designer sent me a hilarious mock-up of the paper that made me laugh so hard that I cried. I have that posted next to my monitor, to remind me that someday, we’ll laugh about this. And the sooner we start laughing, the longer we’ll live.

Till then, I’ve got to go calm down the throbbing vein in my forehead. …

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