Random emoting

I’ve been busier than a horny redneck on Viagra at a family reunion, and feeling just as spent.

Not much to say today. Tomorrow’s the big barn-raising in these here parts, so we’ll be patching up the roof and moving in the last of the accent furniture today … before we redecorate. Actually, it’s more of building additions after this, so basically we’re making more room at the inn. Heh, I am officially in charge of a growing empire. It’s mind-boggling, when you step back and look at what we’ve done and what we’re *going* to do.

Scot said something so poignant on his blog the other day, I’ve been holding on to it and repeating it to myself like a mantra, a wish, a spell, a sign of renewed hope:

“If you don’t let go of what is in your hand, you can never pick up something new.”

I wrote an incarnation of it on the whiteboard in my office, as that has become my temple, my place to reunite with myself. There’s no crying in baseball, and there’s no pessimism or falling apart on company time (and much of your own) because it will be witnessed and not forgotten. But the statement applies so much more broadly to life, although I’d be wont to pass it on to someone who is new to supervising folks any day.

In any event, the statement reminds me that we are but the pointers on the Ouija board of life, and we can go to where the sitter wants us to be (and say what they want to hear) or else we can gravitate to where we’re drawn. Personally, I am more in the phase of gravitating AWAY from where I’ve been drawn. Because there’s a whole alphabet out there with words waiting to be spelled, and I’ve been camped on the big ol’ “NO” for way too long.

One more thought before I go, as all original thought is being channeled into non-volunteer projects:

“What you think about, you bring about.” ~ Flylady

I’m thinking about Jon Bon Jovi, then. …

OK, one last thought, because this quote is too good to let go: “Is there an emoticon for bitch-slap?” (Anonymous)

*bwahahaa* NO COMMENT!!!

One Lonely Response to Random emoting

  1. The Goddess :

    Aww, poor widdle iddy biddy psychofag feeling left out ‘cuz nobody wants to pway wif him?

    People work a lot when they’re achieving something and not skating by, not that you’d know anything about putting in anything more than the bare minimum. Here’s to hoping you get back on your meds and go away again — nobody you’ve ever known misses your presence when it’s gone.