Raising hell (I hope)

After yet another long, unfulfilling day at the Veggie Patch (and yes, I just got home), there was not a single parking spot to be found in the entire fucking apartment complex. I filled up the rental company’s voice mail with vitriol and made plenty sure to bitch that the library parking lot around the corner has signs up that forbid overnight parking. So where do I park? Bumfuck Egypt. I told them I’m tired, it’s fucking freezing and I’d really like to know if they tow at midnight, like they claim to, ’cause there sure ain’t enough parking for me. And that’s the shit of it all — some families have up to four cars, and I can’t even get one lousy little fucking space for just me.

Spent half an hour wandering around the print shop — seems I arrived after the pre-press night shift went home, and not a goddamn person seemed to know what to do with my print order and film negs. Finally, a kind soul offered to take it to post-press. And of course, he and another woman had to wander with us to get us through the uber-secure building. I think I am going to ask Customer Care to get me a goddamn security card so I can roam freely and drop my shit off when I get there.

Yeah, I get really fucking cranky when I’m tired. 🙂

And thanks for the e-mails/comments asking me if Gandhi at the Payless in Springfield Mall got any kind of reprimand for sexually harassing me. I haven’t heard a word from that company. They have lost a customer for life — I will return to buying my shoes at Marshall’s or on sale at the *finer* shoe retail establishments. Or, maybe I’ll just go in my closet and wear one of the 150 pairs I already own!!!

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