Quotes of the week


Yesterday, Cruise Director was giving away a pound of nuts to the first person to respond to his e-mail. When someone claimed the prize, he sent an e-mail saying, “Nuts are gone!” Shan wrote to me, “Um, we’re still here.”

Another prize quote came from Ronnie at the dinner party on Saturday, “I’m going to start dieting tomorrow, honest. Right after I go to church.” *snerk* And hell will be freezing over next!

And one more. …

After my hour-long meeting with my supervisor today, I told Angie that I will absolutely kill myself if I hear, “Just so we’re on the same page” again. Ergh! I told her, “Yeah, you wanna know what page I’m on? The fucking epilogue!”

OK, because you’ve been good, one last one. …

During my meeting with my supervisor and Cruise Director, I made mention how my digital camera broke when I took a picture of Pride Fag. Cruise Director said, “And here I thought he only broke mirrors!” *rofl*

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