Anudder treat, plz?

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I realize all my cutest George photos are on Facebook, but I couldn’t resist this widdle face. I just spent the last seven days with this adorable little wonder, and it’s my first night without him and I feel lost.

I do have a cat who is eyeing me contentiously, smelling the puppy on my hands and remembering the one time I brought said puppy home to meet her. He ate her food, peed in her dish and pretty much peed everywhere else, too.

This is the same dog who chose his least-favorite copywriter and shit in his office on Labor Day. What can I say — the dog is regular!

I took this lovable ball of fur to PetSmart on Thursday. We loaded up on treats. He’s such a little diva — when I fed him a treat courtesy of the store (read: free bowl o’ treats), he spit it out. TWICE. But Aunt Dawn found some things he loved and we were all good from there.

(Warning: I’ve turned into a proud parent here. I will stop. Shortly.)

I had to laugh when a lady in a hurry took her dog outside the store to pee. Of course the dog pooped. And of course she didn’t have any bags and was contemplating how long it would take to get to the car and back before anyone saw it and got disgusted.

I wordlessly handed her a poop bag. She was so grateful! Dog people in general are kind of awesome. This week, I got to know the “regulars” on the A1A — both the dogs and the owners — and I’ve got to say I’ve rather loved it. (Minus the fact that I was usually in pajamas.)

George is quite the chick magnet. I mean human women were fawning all over him. And the men who asked to pet him … wow! Meanwhile, George was all John Travolta and walking to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” — he was NOT happy to break his strut for anyone!

But even people without dogs stopped to pet him. Hell, I took George to dinner last night and sat at an oceanside table. Everyone was calling him “Toto.” People were falling all over themselves to get him water and to pet him. I fed him crabcakes under the table and we had a lovely night together.

(I also had about two bottles of wine in two days too. So the last few nights when I got home were just fine, too! *hic* Fucking work week from hell. At least a bad week here is still better than a good DAY at the last place.)

But here’s an interesting twist. Today when George’s momma came home, I took one last walk without him. I just needed some sun. And the VERY same people who jogged past me the last seven days (and last four weekends, since we’re counting) looked straight through me. People with dogs kept walking, just trying to keep their pooch out of everyone’s way. The camaraderie had gone *poof*.

Oh well. George is a magical dog. He brings people together. He’s the new official mascot of my office. Everyone was very disappointed on Friday when I came in without him and they were all in line, waiting to see Teh Kyoot one. Nobody was happy to see ME, mind you … it was all, “You didn’t bring the dog? Bummer. We’re going back to work.”

That’s ONE way to get them to work. … 😉 Just kidding — most of them are kind of awesome. Even if they’re collectively going to put me into an early grave!

All right, we return to our regularly scheduled pet- and child-free posts. In other words, radio silence resumes in 3… 2… 1…

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