Who do I have to kill to get a disposable litterbox? I went to four stores today, and not a one was in sight. Fuck.

Went to Chipotle for dinner. There was some gal parked directly behind me (no one was around for quite a few spaces), and she suddenly backed up and went tearing out of the space in a hurry. I thought, “That bitch had better not have hit me.” Sure enough, there are two big scratches under my license plate, where the bumper says “Sunfire.” She had a new gray car with a black top, and it was a Virginia plate that had “DST4” at the beginning of it. May karma bite her in the ass for this one.

Only moved one huge load of crap to the new dwelling. Saw some ants and promptly went out and bought pesticide. Am thinking of taking the can of Raid to work and seeing if it really does kill all the pests in my life. 🙂

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