Finished the newspaper at 11 p.m. Started at 7:30 a.m. Went the whole day, only eating a full box of Godiva raspberry biscuits, courtesy of Mom, who sent a loving care package today in honor of my birthday. I’m surprised Mailroom Dipshit didn’t redirect the package to Zimbabwe, given his penchant for shipping my personal mail to Tulsa, Okla.

The Cruise Director at Club Medicated actually got down and dirty with his edits and two cents. He wanted to see another draft after the first one, but no go. I did leave a printout and a full PDF before I left tonight. I also requested that I take Tuesday off. And I made it well-known that I had plans tonight that I had to give up, although if I know them, they’ll tell me it’s my own fault. ‘Cause they’re just assholes like that.

I had a random thought, how I don’t mind it if my superiors are hard on me, as long as it is performance-related. I get sick of the inconsequential bitch fits from them, but I do take constructive criticism well. I tried to accommodate most of his requests, but given the late hours and what not, I flexed my editorial license and said “Fuck it” to a number of comments.

Head is pounding. Finally ate some crap from Mickey D’s when I left work, but it’s only served to make me feel even more nauseated.

Wondered today if I’ve lost my sex drive. Found myself missing Jeff for a minute — rather, the nonstop fucking. I miss being desired, being ravaged. Constantly … or, at least, whenever it fit into our schedules. 🙂 But I really don’t have any blessed desire to be *with* anyone lately. Where the hell has my libido gone?!?!

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