Pissed-off Irish Princesses

“You’re the first to know

That I’ve got a brilliant plan

I hope you understand

I want to meet in 2OO3

I want to see what the future can bring to me

And when I do

I’ll meet you here my darling, yeah

And when I’m free

I’ll be waiting where I said I would be

My love, will you wait for me?”

— Nina Gordon, “2003” —

Shan and I looked entirely too good to be stuck out at Bennigan’s for New Year’s Eve. She was gorgeous in a new, stylish black-velvet suit, and I was in a new light-blue number with beige lace that I couldn’t resist picking up whilst I was in Pittsburgh, and trust me when I say that we commanded the attention of most red-blooded males in Bennigan’s. Unfortunately, Renee and John weren’t working, which meant that the service SUCKED. I sat there for a half hour before Shan arrived, with no drink, and our glasses were continually empty the whole night. And don’t even get me started about the ranch dressing that was MIA. You can do a lot of things to piss us off, but forgetting the ranch, well, is simply unforgivable.

So we left early. The way I figured it, it was already New Year’s in Ireland, and therefore, these two pissed-off Irish princesses could feel good about going home and going to bed, as our home country had already celebrated the New Year. 🙂

I was kinda raring to go — I needed to be out, and I needed to see Shan, so those goals were accomplished way before midnight. I mean, I drove what turned into five-plus hours from Pgh, just to be here for New Year’s. Most of my friends who had promised to come out with us either couldn’t make it or were coming late, so I made sure that IKEA Boy and the gang didn’t bother wandering out for midnight, ’cause I wasn’t going to be there.

Shan also has my grandmother’s theory, that whatever you’re doing/feeling at midnight is what you’ll be doing all year, and like me, she’s spent each New Year’s (and each weekend of the year thereafter) crocked. So, this year, she decided that she wanted to be in a Nyquil-induced coma when the clock struck 12, to symbolize the end of a fucked-up year. I, on the other hand, bought into the idea of being at home for midnight, to allow me to wake up a bit early and to get my year on the right track immediately. I’d like to do some stuff around the house today (I nuked the shower last night, but there’s so much more to do).

So at midnight, I was on the phone with my family, which was what was what I really wanted. We have so many things to do this year — we (including Shan, ’cause she’s family too) don’t want this to be another year that we write-off next New Year’s. We want this year to count and to make up for all the sucky ones that preceeded it.

I don’t start my New Year’s resolutions till Jan. 2, because Jan. 1 always starts at midnight, when you’re intoxicated and chainsmoking anyway. So tomorrow, I begin my pared-down goals:

1. Self-preservation (emotionally, physically, financially);

2. Self-promotion (getting out of the ol’ career rut);

3. No more settling (I CAN have what I want, and I WILL have it, or have it again); and

3. No looking back (it’s all forward from here, baby!).

I think it’s going to work out that Shan gets an office in Old Town (on King Street — a prominent and impressive location) for her business, and damn it, I am going to be there every step of the way. By next NYE, we will be in business for a few months, and we will be in gorgeous ballgowns at an extravagant party somewhere. Mark our words. There’s a lot do do during the next 12 months, but one thing she and I realized when we saw each other is that the team is back together, and while we can accomplish a lot independently, we are amazing when we put our heads and our hearts together. And this year, starting this month, that is exactly what we are going to do. These Irish princesses are no longer going to be pissed off, so stick around and read about our evolution into royalty. ‘Cause it’s gonna happen. 🙂 Count on it!

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