I hate it when my site is down. It’s amazing how a little fire in a little room can literally rip the plug out of half the blogosphere.

I just had a revelation, and what do I do with it? I probably wouldn’t have written it about here anyway, but it feels good to at least acknowledge that an exclamation point randomly appeared over my head. 😉

Had a fucked up dream that my association was hosting its convention at the same time and place as my high school reunion. I was running into (and away from) people I haven’t seen in 10 years, and of course I was avoiding my toxic colleagues at all turns. Finally I did stop and talk to some of the folks from high school. There’s one in particular, JO, whom I miss once in awhile, but I ignored him in the dream and talked to the girl I used to call Tuna — odd because I really, really couldn’t stand her when we were in the same circle of sharks (um, I mean friends).

The “Daredevil” soundtrack arrived in the mail yesterday. Just opened it — it completely rocks my frog socks!

I’m feeling weird. Not terrible, just out of sorts. But in a good way. Yeah, I hate being here at work, but if my instincts are correct, I’m going to have a kickass summer. And I’m finally in a position to accept that it’s about damn time a little bit of happiness came my way. 😉 Maybe 29 is going to be “my year”!

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