Subtitle: ‘Redneckopoly’ comes to my apartment complex.

Rejected title: Put down the word-of-the-day calendar if you’re illiterate. For the love of god.

Typically, I benefit by living next-door to a gal who works in the rental office. I get special considerations and favors when I need them. Unfortunately, other residents know she lives next door, and that tends to mean that she has assholes knocking at all hours.

Tonight was no exception. From 10:30 p.m. till 11:20 p.m., some jackass stood outside and knocked. Yes, he was here for an hour. I kept hopping over to the peephole, and he never lost patience. I went over to my balcony, and I saw not only her car, but also her brother/roomate’s motorcycle (which fuckface likes to sit and rev in the parking lot, especially at 7 a.m. this morning, but that’s a topic for another day). She was ignoring him. How nice for the other residents on this floor.

Someone ended up coming up and talking to Redneck. I overheard him say that he has “persistency” — that’s why he kept a-knocking. Finally, dumbass just left. I kept turning up the TV volume but still couldn’t drown him out. Ugh. Kill. I don’t even care that he wasted his time in the hallway — I just weep for the human language. It’s bad enough that I don’t often have opportunity to hear English spoken in my city — and when I finally do, it is massacred. Oh, the humanity. And the “persistency” of illiteracy.

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