Out with the old


I have some big fat fucking work messes to clean up before Monday morning. But tonight I ate and laughed and drank and rode a tour bus around Chicago. Above is the garden at Orso where friendships were born and rekindled over tiramisu and wine.

I also spent the day with old colleagues/friends, and the night with another set. And that has energized my dead-ass soul in a way that probably won’t last past Monday’s onslaught of conference calls. But, you know, give me tonight, will ya?

So I found myself in the same room with someone, and a flood of memories came back. To me, anyway.

It’s too late and I’m too lazy to find the post. But if everyone remembers the psychotic shit who made up a fake Yahoo! address with my name and then sent the link of this blog to the higher-ups at my job at the time, well, I saw one of those people today.

The weird thing was that I still to this day had never met the guy, as he was in the D.C. office and I was in the Rockville, Md., office.

And then, a friend introduced us.

Luckily he had no clue who I was, even after I said who I used to be. But I had the unmistakable rumblings of rage when I thought of that sad sack of shit who impersonated me with the intent of getting me fired.

With any luck, a tour bus has run over his ass. Or maybe the ugly has manifested itself on the outside more so than it already had, at last check.

In any event, I squashed the hatred and befriended the guy I’d never met. And he was extraordinarily cool.

Closure, after 8 years. Feels pretty damn good.

*blows kisses toward whatever concentric circle of hell the idiot occupies these days*

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