Oops, forgot. …

You know, there are many exes of mine (okay, three) whom I would love to resurface in my life in some way. Then there are the rest of them. And while sure, a good lay was had by all, well, is that really a reason to continue correspondence, especially when we’re 250 miles apart? Although he COULD eat a pussy like a juicy filet mignon. … (::smiles fondly in remembrance::)

To: The Goddess Dawn

From: 42 Boy (from the April/May 2002 era)

Subject: Trying EVERY way. …

Message: “Ok, ok, so I can’t take a hint. I miss you, and some other things!!

Funny, I’ve had this e-mail address since April, and not once have I received mail from him here. 🙂 I purged my AIM buddy list awhile ago (and took advantage of the blocking feature), and he was one of the casualties. Also, with the recent cell phone # change, I didn’t exactly notify the whole address book of my new number. No hard feelings at all, just no real point in continuing what was a sordid and short entanglement anyway.

It just pisses me off that the ones I WANT to hear from have similarly discarded ME. ::grumbles::

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