Oh, the orgasmic sounds I make when I stretch

*yawn* *stretch* *shriek*

Ahh, much better now, although the neighbors must think I am having sex or something. And yes, I’ve been known to moan and shriek when it’s only sex for one, too. Lord knows I haven’t always had a reason to moan with pleasure when there is actually another person in the room!

But back to the here and now (or, the here and none) I was up till 2 a.m. doing edits. Just woke up, only to find that I have acquired another cold. Bah. Fucking sub-zero wind chill factors. I want to keel over and quit breathing, I feel so wretched, although Mother Nature has done her part to ensure breathing is difficult today. And I was hoping the watery eyes were a result of taking a break to watch an amazing episode of “ER” last night (“NICU” — reminded me of Alex’s early days/weeks. I didn’t realize that I was even crying until I went to fiddle with my necklace and realized my shirt was sopping wet). But, alas, the evil cold has planted itself in my being. Fucker.

I still have about five more editorial items to do before the paper can be laid out, but they’re gonna have to wait for me to drag my butt into the shower and then cover said butt with about four million layers of clothes.

I can’t wait for the weekend so I can catch up on the life I thought I left lying around here somewhere. …

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