Office Space

Shan and I are going to see her (our?) new office at lunch today, so she can sign the lease. Woo hoo! We have so many plans, so much to do. She’s so on-the-ball — already has the phone and insurance stuff worked out. Even if it starts out that I work there as a support to her existing business, so be it, although I do want to get my own business license this month, too. She has warned me that the space is small and kinda crappy, but that the owner has pretty much given her carte blanche to go nuts and spruce it up. IKEA Boy should be an interior designer, he’s so damn good at making spaces livable and lovable, so I plan to haul his ass up there and tell us what we need to do to make it a place to call home.

IKEA Boy is down in the dumps about no tuition reimbursement for him, but while I feel bad for him, I am for once going to indulge my own dismay. I wonder why we can’t take it out of our own budget to give me the $5K increase I was promised — god knows we keep tightly to our budget and don’t spend unnecessarily. That, and our expenses are predictable — printing, mailing, address quality, supplies, etc. I am certain we can squeeze my own $5K out, and maybe another $5K for his tuition. It’s very difficult for me to see him depressed and poopy and wallowing in his misery when I am sitting right in my own puddle of grief, with no one throwing the ho’ a tow to get me out of my personal abyss.

I am hoping that Shan’s office is the ticket she and I need to make things happen for us this year. Once I have a business license (and can earn a little bit of money), I can finally invest in an iBook and write it off as a business expense, and I can move on to building a website and a corporate image and all the other fun stuff that will accompany the venture. Stay tuned for the update on what the office looks like!!!

Oooh, Maddie’s kitty sofa just arrived! So much for it arriving in time for Xmas, but granted, our office has been closed for two weeks and it’s not the retailer’s fault. It seems small. I hope it supports that fat furry ass of hers! 🙂 Perhaps I can bring it (and her) to our new office to keep me company on the weekends that I anticipate working. 🙂

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