Office Space, Part Deux

So I saw Shan’s new office space. I believe that my bathroom is bigger than it, only my bathroom doesn’t have 1960s gold carpeting. 🙂 But she has access to a huge lobby that will be all hers, and there is a boatload of storage space, as well as an elevator-shaft-cum-locked-storage-room.

It’s kinda like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree — we’re just gonna wave our hands and watch that, um, special little space become a corporate empire. 🙂 At any rate, she signed the lease today, and she gets the keys on Monday. The owner’s name is Samba (phonetically spelled — I have no idea how to really spell it). I decided our first book about our road to success will be “Saturdays with Samba,” as we’ll be working weekends there — as a parody of “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

Thank god for the extra space — I am quite the claustrophobe. But what’s cool is that there is a spa downstairs, and I plan to make friends with those folks REAL quick so that I can sample their services (hopefully for free). Shan decided to keep her business hers, and I will keep the party-planning business as mine (but we’ll help each other out, natch) for tax reasons. And of course, we always have each other as a loyal client. lol. My first idea was to invite all the tenants of the three-story building together for a Get-To-Know-Us soiree — so that we can build our client base as we charm the life out of them with our poise, grace and connections. 🙂

As Shan’s dad says, This is where it all begins. In fact, he is flying out here on MLK Day (or, as we called it up north, Robert E. Lee Day, as it is his birthday, too) to see this scrawny space before we whip it into shape. He wants to see our humble beginnings, so that he can remember it when we skyrocket to the top of our chosen fields. And it’s cute how he includes me in her success — I told her, it’s like the Pope coming for a visit, like I should be ready to bow down and kiss the man’s feet. She raves about her dad (none of my friends rave about their dads — I don’t really even know mine, but I do know that when I make it, I am going to find his deadbeat ass and send him all the wonderful press coverage I know I’m going to receive). Ahem. At any rate, it’s Friday, it’s 10:30 p.m., I’m here for the night ’cause I’m broke, busted & disgusted, but I am enjoying myself. Put together Maddie’s kitty sofa today, and it’s so damned cute I just want to hold my hair back and puke. Seriously. It’s wrought iron and matches all of my furniture. Unfortunately, I was just taking a photo of her on it when I got a knock at the door tonight, so she headed for the hills, the camera battery died, and well, my computer’s too outdated to handle my camera software anyway. Keep an eye on Maddie’s page to see a photo of her on her new sofa in the coming days!!!

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