Nothing to see here

I’d say we are on the cusp of world war, but no world is coming to save us.

People are being attacked and dying abroad because of my idiot orange-hued neighbor.

Planes are being shot out of the sky. As I throw last-minute items into my suitcase.

I wasted the last third of 2019 being in my head, wondering why I had to be the casualty in other people’s wars on themselves. I don’t want to worry away 2020, wondering when Mar-a-Lago is going to get nuked.

In any event, before I board/land, I have one thing to say.

I need to revise an earlier statement. He didn’t break my heart.

I break my own heart, time and again. I ain’t sharing that credit with anyone.

I was disappointed, yes. Surprised. Mystified, even. But not broken.

I also wish I hadn’t said she terrorized me. That isn’t true. What she doesn’t know is that I saw her out in public. Twice. But I didn’t approach. I think the fear was what would happen there.

What I didn’t expect was that I saw someone I have some things in common with. Someone who has what she says she wants. Someone who has things that are not meant for me. Someone who, if I were to be 100% honest, really had nothing to worry about with me for reasons they will never know.

In any event, I wanted to travel again. I got my wish. Just a shame that I share an airport with the dumbass with an $80 million bounty on his head.

Just gonna breathe and pray for an uneventful flight. All other blessings are a bonus. And I’ll cherish them all.

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