No wonder I’m still single. …

Stacey gives us a brilliant post on the recent “Sex and the City” episode and how the way men buy pants determines how they choose their wives. She noted that at some point, they realize their age and situation and say hey, this one fits well enough. Might as well keep it.

And I would never want to be someone whom some guy decided, “Oh what the hell, I probably won’t get anyone better.” But I am also kind of tired of wondering if/how I should change myself to perhaps make myself more attractive to that gender. Because not a goddamned one of them has been worth changing for, and I highly doubt anyone WOULD be worth that.

But back to the show, which kicked off today’s tirade in my mind, SATC broke my heart five different ways during its Sunday season premiere. The clincher, of course, was when Carrie ran into her beloved ex Aidan, who had a Snugli full of his brand-new baby boy. Aidan told her all about his wife, and she had muster the gusto to be happy for him. Lord, name one of us gals who hasn’t found out that someone who occupies significant real estate in our hearts moved on and married the next girl they found after we left or were left behind!

Charlotte, a character with whom I normally rarely identify, actually made my heart ache this week. She, an Episcopalian, is having a rip-roaring relationship with a Jewish guy, and all went well till he basically said he can’t marry her, but he likes being with her. Let me tell you, I’ve had that said to me. (I can count on two hands how many men have said something similar to me — and they all went on to marry Jewish women … most of whom were as bland as tapioca pudding, if you ask me, but I’m not bitter, No, not me.) And it astounded me that I was good enough to fuck but never enough to get serious with. Bleah. At any rate, we think Charlotte’s going to convert to Judaism this season. Good for her. Nobody ever gave me an opportunity to even think about it, so this should be interesting to watch.

Poor Miranda. She’s discovered she’s in love with Steve, and just as she’s getting ready to tell him, he blurts out that he’s seeing someone else. DOES THIS FUCKING EPISODE HAVE TO KEEP MOCKING ME LIKE THIS?!?! God forbid a girl take some time to figure out what her feelings really are before she says, yeah, this is the life I want. Personally, I think Steve’s just protecting himself — whether there is another chick or not, he’s wrapping the armor around his heart in preparation of a letdown. And that’s too bad, because guys tend to think we don’t know what we want, but that’s not true — sometimes it literally does take a brick wall to fall on us before we see stars.

And finally, Samantha, my heroine, found a great lay who gave her great stock tips in bed. She had the boy handcuffed when the cops arrived to bust him for insider trading. They kindly asked her to remove her handcuffs so that they could put theirs on him. 😉 Like she said, “All the good ones get arrested!”

Perhaps I need to stop thinking of Samantha as my heroine, but my very attraction to her character is the fact that she ain’t worried about nothin’ but making herself happy (usually via orgasm). But like Stacey noted, men don’t really want the crazy type — they want someone who fits the second they try them on. And if they don’t go on right away (i.e., they aren’t ready to be wrapped up and taken home), then they just aren’t the right fit and so he goes shopping for another pair of pants that don’t give him a wedge. 😉

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