No rest for the wicked

Insomnia is plaguing me again. Too many worries. The smaller paycheck (thanks to furlough days) bit me in the ass pretty hard. I was planning to buy dining room chairs (because I threw out the old set in the last move) so that my guests on Saturday don’t have to sit on the floor. But oh well. I’ll have them for the New Year’s party. We hope anyway.

Leslie called from Ireland to let me know that she’ll be here for the New Year’s soiree. Hurrah! It’s been way too long since we’ve hung out. I have got to get my ass to Ireland one of these months — and hopefully sooner rather than later!

I cooked last night. Yes, moi, the non-domestic goddess. My neighbor Sue sent over a meatloaf via her husband Bob, and of course I was all bedhead and Halloween jammies when he arrived, so I kind of bumbled through a thank-you. I haven’t had meatloaf in oh, years, because it’s not something I would typically make, were I interested in something that didn’t come from Popeye’s or the freezer section at Safeway. 🙂 So I asked Shawn to come on over, and I made sides and had wine and whatnot. We watched “The Omen,” although I missed most of it while cooking and chatting on the phone with Shan, who’s crazy enough to return from maternity leave to the veggie goodness of Club Medicated next Friday.

Hell, I even whipped together a raspberry mousse, which was great except for the sweetness. I got to use my new blue silverware as well as my blue-and-green-glass margarita glasses, in which to serve dessert. I’m proud of myself.

Shawn and I were laughing about how, in our adulthood, we avoid foods like meatloaf and spaghetti, just because we were poor as children and ate those foods altogether too often. I also have a distaste for “shit on the shingles,” too, for the same reason. But I will admit to missing my mom’s halushki, of all things. Another poor-folks’ food. 🙂

At any rate, after this soiree on Saturday, you can bet your ass that I won’t cook again till New Year’s. 🙂 This domestic stuff is for the birds!

One of these days, in between cleaning, I need to figure out how to use my grill. If you’re into prayer or stuff like that, say a hail mary or two for me, will ya? I’ll probably singe my eyebrows off when I attach the fuel to the unit!

My room is mainly in order. I finally got all my Garfield collectibles displayed. Kadi promptly got up on the dresser and tried to play with the figurines. This is in addition to eating the word magnets off the fridge (she’s a little porker for saying she’s only 4 months old — if I don’t feed her as often as she wants, she eats my possessions). That earned her a good hour in her cage.

Well, off to watch late-night “Sex and the City” reruns on digital HBO. Later taters. 🙂

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