No Pot, No Luck

So the potluck begins in a few minutes. The food actually looks edible. Our already-stanky ladies’ room is gonna smell like a landfill once this shindig is overwith. 🙂

The Short Bus Cat decided it would be a good idea to try to jump into the oven while Mommy tried to dump butter on her sausage ‘shrooms. I caught her and threw her into the dining room. She promptly returned to try it again. After I kicked her out of the way, she decided to lie under the oven door while I did my thing. I complained but she didn’t really give a shit.

Maddie was lookin’ at me like, “Asshole! You would’ve beaten my ass!” But as with children, so goes with cats. The first one doesn’t get away with shit, and the second one can basically juggle knives and run with scissors.

Yeah, I definitely should NOT breed. 🙂

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