No pain, no loss

According to The Biggest Losers in the Blogosphere, I have lost 5 percent of my goal weight to lose so far. I set my goals high, actually, so this, my friends, is progress.

I went against my instinct and stepped on a scale this evening. Down 3 pounds! Woo hoo! I celebrated with dinner with Shawn at Famous Dave’s in Potomac Mills. I cheated a bit and had barbecue sauce, but damn it, it’s unavoidable in a barbecue joint!

I have a screaming headache. And I’ve had raging car sickness for two days, too. Just a price I’m going to have to pay as my body learns to live without carbs. I can’t wait for my diet induction period to be over, but the progress will be well worth it, I hope!

Saw some apartments today with Shawn. Found a place that’s relatively big and is only $800/month. The other place we saw jacked up their prices more than $200 since I got a quote on 1BRs, so even though it’s a great place, I can’t afford the $980 they now want. I do NOT want to pay for pools and fitness centers that I will never use, nor do I want to sit on Little River Turnpike traffic to get to work. The place I liked is on Seminary Road, which means I can avoid I-395 if I so desire, but the on-ramp to the highway is only a stone’s throw away, when and if I feel the need to join mortal combat driving school.

I still want to look at some places, but I’m going to apply to the place on Seminary, just to have something in my pocket. The place has a nice patio, is nearly 800 square feet and central air is included. Not sure my furniture will fit up the steps and through the front door, but I’ll worry about that later. Saw some great furniture at IKEA today that I might want to buy to fill up the space, so all in all, ’twas a productive and GREAT day!!!

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