My favorite infuriating subject

It continues to astound me that people — especially men — are anti-abortion. Yeah, listen to them change the tune they’re whistling when they find out they’ve just planted a seed for the next generation and see how far and fast they run and disappear.

I’m a pro-choicer and would love to surgically remove all the rabid pro-lifers from the earth, like the kooky group that’s going to storm Washington, D.C., on the 22nd. Granted, I am not in favor of it as birth control — I believe that every woman has the right to go through it once as a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” because, let’s face it, birth control fails and I’m much more productive to society as a peon worker than as a welfare mom. Although it still burns my s’mores when I think about how many welfare bay-bays my tax dollars support, when I may never be fiscally sound enough to rear a family of my own. Ergh.

So today’s WaPo brings another flood of fury from me, Antiabortion Proposals Advance in Va.: House Committee Backs Parental Consent Bill, Ban on Late-Term Procedure.

No, no, no, no, NOOOOO!!!! Sorry, but my body is not property of the U.S. Government.

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