My date with myself in 3 years (it’s a doozy)

I called upon my higher self this week. Asked to speak to 45-year-old me. Give or take three years from now. 

I asked her what I can do now to ensure she’s healthy and sane and alive to vote in 2020. What does she need?

I did connect with her. She gave me a dream. In that dream I saw a woman too cha-cha for words. She wore a feather boa and glitter top hat and a cute dress. It almost distracted from the clumps of missing hair and sad lines near her eyes. 

She was interviewing for a job. Even though her personality was massive, she calmly said thank you when they gave it to her. 

I asked her why no big gushing fuss, like we always have to do when someone we don’t like gives us what we need. 

She said darling, they are giving me less money than I’m worth … .

To do work they are too lazy to do or to keep their schedule wide open to screw their mistresses

And they WANT me to kiss their ass for the privilege of working nights and weekends and missing all the joy that life wants to give ME …

So darling, next time you work yourself into a pit of exhaustion every day …

And then lie awake all night with anxiety that you answer to people who can take away your paycheck just because they have and can and might because they won’t take their place under the bus  …

Remember me and how I am struggling to overcome the health problems and broken soul you handed me. 

You can change, darling, yes. But will you?

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