My ass hurts

And my back, and my shoulders, and my head, and my ass. Oh, wait … did I mention that already?

Had a good workout last night. I need to do that a bit more often, so that my body gets used to the level of torture that I choose to inflict on it. I was going to come back to the office, but I just couldn’t face it. Besides, I didn’t want to miss “West Wing.” The process of writing Rob Lowe off the show has begun. Whatta bummer. But if they keep Christian Slater on as a regular, I might just forgive them for not paying Rob his asking price!

I think I have become a vegetable … at work, anyway. Although I love when our finished product is published every month, I hate attempting to get up the gumption to conduct interviews. I’m tired of being clever, witty and interested. I’m tired of seeing my paltry paycheck and picking which two or three bills can be paid with it. Luckily, we’re off on Monday, but I’m coming in anyway … it will be nice to not hear the phone ring for one day.

Shan’s live-in has built up a great friendship with a major basketball icon, and it may just result in a hefty sum of money being donated to the organization with which we are occasional volunteers. This could be the major kick in the ass that all of us need to get cracking on this project. I have oodles of info that I need to compile into a common grant application (my contribution to the project), and it would be cool as all hell to list this person as a contributor.

Just saw J-HO in the hallway — she’s on her way to meet with Jackie, probably for an afternoon delight. 🙂 She has the life, though. Works when she wants to, gets paid tons of money for little effort, and is most likely making more as a freelancer for this joint than she did as an FTE (full-time equivalent — sorry, my days of doing budgets are haunting me). I’d love to write an article or two for here, and do media for someone else and fund-raising for yet another entity. THAT would be the life. I’d love to not be dependent upon an employer for health benefits (not like I use them, though) and for a regular (albeit infinitesimal) paycheck.

Today is a good day at the Veggie Patch, though. Did two phone interviews and got some leads for more folks to contact. In a normal month, I’d be right on schedule, but this month will be another tough one. Oh goody. 🙂 Poor IKEA Boy has been out on vacation and out sick (with a broken heart, unfortunately, which is definitely the worst malady I can identify), so he’s going to return to unbridled hell when he makes it back into the office. But he always pulls it together — perfectly and in a timely manner — so I am not overly worried about him work-wise.

Janna sent me a great joke e-mail today, with famous quotes from pop icons. Let me share my two faves:

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

— Drew Carey


“Relationships are hard. It’s like a full time job, and we should treat it like one. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to leave you, they should give you two weeks’ notice. There should be severance pay, and before they leave you, they should have to find you a temp.”

— Bob Ettinger

Calling all of my exes — pay up, mofos!!! And send me those temps now, I tell you, NOW!!!!! Before I start straddling telephone poles, ok?

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