Mundane Monday

Y’know, I’m poor right now, so I am careful with my money (until Friday, when the beloved payday — even with the furloughed hours — arrives). So I went to (dread) Burger King for a sammitch.

I got into the drive-thru line, and I had to commend them for desigining the line so well that you simply cannot get pissed off and drive away before reaching the windows. There I sat for 15 minutes, behind four cars, waiting for hell to freeze over. Several times, I thought, fuck it, I’m outta here. But then, I didn’t see how my beloved Samantha Jones could possibly climb over the festive landscaping of rocks, mulch and huge-ass bushes. Oh, and then there was that curb thingy too. 🙂

So of course I sat smoking and inhaling fumes from the Nissan in front of me, only to pull up to the window. The guy said, “$4.60” which I repeated back to him. He nodded. So I gave him exact change. He ended up looking at me funny, going to the register, and giving me change. I looked confused, and he said, “Four Seech-TEEEN.” *scream*

Why do I keep torturing myself at drive-thrus around here? Why don’t I just fucking learn how to cook? Why waste my money and my time on these horrible experiences? But at least they got the food right — a real rarity for them. Bleah.

Speaking of paying to scream

In better news, I’m goin’ with my blogbuddies Shawn, Scott and Dave to see “Freddy Vs. Jason.”.

I am a huge “Nightmare on Elm Street” fan, so I am already pullin’ for Freddy. But it’s like there’s something missing from the pic already — I just hope there are some special cameos from some of our other favorite slashers, or at least a “Killer Tomato” or two. And wouldn’t it be darling if we found out that “Chucky” was one of their sons? Heh.

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