Moving QOTD

Bryan, as he started to lift my mattress: “Oh, the stories this mattress can tell!”

Me: “If there were a movie made about the life of my mattress, it would be called ‘Toy Story.'”

We survived! My strong cadre of good-looking men had me moved within five hours, although it took all five of us to carry my hulking entertainment center.

I love the new place, minus the army of multiple-legged critters I’ve killed and the fact that the shower doesn’t work. I had to drive back to the old place to bathe today, and I had to do it fast to be here for the Comcast five-hour window.

On my first day with cable/internet, I’ve already experienced the ineptness of my new cable company. Seems they can’t support Mac OS 8.6, but I told them to install the Internet service anyway, as that’s all I wanted when they persuaded me into getting digital cable. But I am loving the digital — I have all the MTV channels, including the all-’80s music one. w00t!

More stories to come … but I’ve got a lot of blog-reading to catch up on right now!

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