More meat on the horizon

Diet forecast: dismal.

I’ve stuck to my Atkins wonderland pretty faithfully (aside from some rum drinks on Tuesday night, and I’m sure I’ll indulge again at Scott’s party tomorrow night), but the scale seems to be pointing in the wrong direction. And I’ve had no luck with the color change on my Ketostix, but I realize that they expired (!) and that it could just be a false reading. That, and PMS is abounding, so whatever water I’m drinking, I’m retaining. Gaah!

So, I guess it would be fair to say, I’m no loser! 😉 Although I am certain that the smoking and caffeine are the culprits, so I’ve resorted to drinking decaf and broke down and had a Diet Cherry Coke this evening. But in other news, I am damn proud of myself for not having had sweets once during the past two weeks. So, I’m going to stop looking at the numbers and concentrate on enjoying the salads I’ve been forcing myself to eat!

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