‘Merry Christmas, movie house!’

I decided to treat myself to a movie today, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, at the AMC out in Springfield Mall. View the trailer here. If you want to learn how to lose a guy in 48 hours, however, save yourself the $9 and just read my blog for free! 😉

The movie was, for lack of a better word, formulaic. I suppose I would have enjoyed it if I weren’t surrounded by couples (including a male couple to my right). Gag. But I’ll probably buy it when it comes out on video, I hate to admit it. It’s not that I enjoyed it that much, though — but I do have to give it its due as a fucking adorable date movie or as something you watch just before you decide to kill yourself on your webcam.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the movie was the fact that a blind couple and their daughter were in front of me. After the movie, they snapped open their fold-away white canes and tapped their way out of the aisle. I hope they got in free — seems a waste of money to go to the theater, but hey, what do I know? 🙂 More power to them if they could keep all six dozen characters straight without seeing them.

The movie was cute, I guess. It just kind of irked me that the whole mission of Kate Hudson’s character was to do every annoying thing that girls do that drives men away. I’ve found that either withholding sex or simply breathing can get rid of them faster than you can say “commitment.” I mean, she was doing all kinds of cutesy baby-talk, nicknaming his penis a very girly name, being clingy and needy, calling his mother, Photoshopping what their kids would look like and adding teddy bears and feminine hygiene products to his apartment. And he still stuck around. I won’t spoil it as to why he puts up with it, but no man would stand for any of that.

Hell, I can’t even keep guys around, and I am not the clingy move-in-with-you-immediately type. The last guy I scared off was horrified when I asked him to drive to Pittsburgh with me after we’d had an incredible first date (and weeks of talking online and on the phone) just for the ride, and he was terrified of what meeting my family might mean (even though my family is as non-traditionalist as possible — Mom wants me to get laid! She encourages it!). So he ran screaming into that gentle good night. I was just looking for a weekend delight (and I thought it would be a good way to get to interact with each other, talking during the drive — as well as an excuse to stay in a great hotel), but he thought it meant wedding bells or something. Cripes — don’t these guys listen to me when I say I’d like to date and then see what happens?!?! He is the reason I am never sleeping with anyone on the first date again. Damn it. (Well, actually, G3 is the reason for that, but at least I enjoyed the other guy!).

The last guy before him whom I really liked (Brat) was easy to scare off because I actually cared about him and gave him little gifts and cards and thought about him a lot and actually expressed how much I cared. But it was the guys in the middle (CTL, 42 Boy, JP, etc. etc.) over whom I didn’t fuss, and those were the ones who were addicted to me. Unbelievable! So, yes, while I hate to play games, I know to either be — or simply act — uninterested in the future. Because, per many males’ codes, showing that you care usually is the first reason why they dump you — they are afraid you want to get serious.

I was reading a certain someone’s personal ad today. He’s changed the text to read something to the effect that if you want romance and a great relationship, he’s your guy. Heh. And maybe it’s just that he didn’t want to do the romance-and-relationship thing with me, but I had to restrain myself from e-mailing the personals site and telling them to beware of false advertising. 🙂 At any rate, I really tried to play the game with him — when he came back and started chatting with me again, I was truly busy and distracted and unavailable. Per my friends, that’s what keeps a guy interested, but in his case, it didn’t. I guess he’d rather spend his nights with his left hand than with me. lol. No bother to me, though — I think I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome anyway from my own mouse and vibrator use, so I have no problem having no wrist action most nights. 🙂

So much for the movie review I intended to give. lol. I’m going to watch “Unfaithful” and go to bed.

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