Mental yoga

The Whistling Oyster

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Blogging is my morning yoga. It really is. It is the one time of day, if I can manage to even get around to it, to empty out my brain and have my little “moment of zen” before the daily merry-go-round shifts into gear.

So, Hurricane Irene came and went. Lost power for about two hours yesterday morning. It was nice to text everyone, “No power. Cover for me!” And I admit to not letting everyone know right when it came back so I could catch up on my bottomless inbox.

I hear an old friend is moving to Baltimore, and since I’m slightly nostalgic, here’s another Baltimore photo. Not like a whistling clam isn’t appropriate for all life’s occasions.

All right, well enough of that.I’m drowning here in too much to do and not enough time to do it. It’s as familiar a feeling as it is painful, but I’m fairly certain that what now enslaves me will be the exact thing that sets me free.

In turn, I hope to help others with THEIR freedom, kind of like building my own Underground Railroad to finally let shackled, beaten, soul-crushed cogs-in-the-wheel see that illustrious orb in the sky known as daylight plus those twinkly thingies in the night sky that remind us all that everything is SO much bigger than the here and now into which we constantly find ourselves ensnared.

No pressure, or anything. 😉

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