Me, the moral majority?

Message sent to Jeff via email today:


I was hurt and upset by your call last night. It disturbs me that you only call me now under two conditions: 1. if it’s after midnight, and 2. under the influence of alcohol. I think we’ve had some fun together, and I think we both got exactly what we wanted, at the time. You’ve told me often of your lack of desire to have a serious relationship, and I have the same feeling about that. However, I am interested in dating — you know, the dinner-and-a-movie, fuzzy-wuzzy, spending time together kind of thing. The booty call thing, while fun, is getting old, and frankly, I can’t continue putting my health at risk. I wish I’d had the courage to say all of this last night, and I’m surprised I didn’t, given the enormous amount of alcohol I had consumed. At any rate, I guess I was hoping that you thought more of me than that. If I’m making an erroneous assumption about your call last night, then I apologize. If we can be friends, that would be great, but things are not working for me as they are.


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