MCI sucks monkey balls

Why I oughtta. …

MCI and I have had an adversarial relationship for seven months, and now they’ve gone and charged my bank account for $150 in services, even though the service was disconnected in early February. AND, after I wrote and bitched them out (because a., the LD never worked, and b., after me being fed up at paying them too much money for said services that never worked and then I got the bill down to $25/mo. for basic service, they CONTINUED to charge the obscene amount), they wrote to me to the effect of “too bad, so sad” and that I can expect one final bill. And, well, we never even USED the home phone because the service was so unreliable.

I’m going to the bank tomorrow to block future charges from MCI because the website won’t let me change my billing method or dispute charges. Fucking turd burglars!

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