Maybe next time I’ll be a leeeetle more specific

My brain is toast. Sludge. Soup. And yet, I persevere.

Had to give up the ‘puter for well over an hour today. All the morning’s momentum is lost in a sea of algae and I’m swimming upstream.

And it’s a long swim home from here, since I lost two hours’ worth of work time and it’s going to take four hours to get my brain back into gear.

So, anyway.

At some point yesterday, I’d asked the universe for a sign.

So, within the next three minutes:

1. A Bon Jovi song (“Livin’ on a Prayer”) came on the radio.

2. I knocked over my coffee cup and damaged half of the stack of business cards I had pulled out to take on an upcoming trip.

3. A friend I never see came upstairs for a visit.

Now, I can attest to the fact that the universe does answer when you ask. The only problem I have now is, “WTF were these things a sign of?”

Other than the fact that I have GOT to stop ending my sentences with prepositional phrases, that is. 🙂

One Lonely Response to Maybe next time I’ll be a leeeetle more specific

  1. mikeiam :

    1) keep the faith that things are going to continue going your way

    2) you’ll have new business cards soon? maybe a promotion?

    3) even people you don’t get to see often care about you and still consider you a friend when you’re swamped. make sure to take a minute and remember they’re there for you.

    Just guesses. 🙂