Lotsa shit


So Cruise Director sends out this long e-mail today, kind of like a presidential State of the Union address. He asked us for ideas to increase our membership. Both Shan and I, in offices across the building from each other, started mentally ticking off ideas, but then we each stopped in mid-thought and went, “Eh. Fuck it. They wouldn’t listen anyway.” The joke arose that he should have just told us, “Give us ideas so we can ignore them.”

So much for my positive attitude. Heh.

Met with my supervisor today. As usual, the meeting occurred 40 minutes after the planned start time. I finally told her that my time is just as valuable as anyone else’s, and if I have to be in meetings, then I want them moved to a different day. She looked stunned but complied. We actually went on to have a good talk about various issues that have been rather demoralizing lately, and she checked in about various things that she knows I have been internalizing. I was rather impressed.

Toilet Town is still in chaos. I went downstairs today to the very clean restroom (so. unlike. ours), and I guess Queen Pooper was in there, because in the accessible stall, someone sat very silently with her pants around her ankles until I finished my business and left. That’s how I know it’s her — she can’t void her bowels until the room is empty, and she won’t show her face till everyone’s gone. But the shoes always give her away. That, and the trail of skunk funk she leaves behind. …

UPDATE: Apparently Fudge CAN use any toilet. I had to use the restroom shortly after the last visit (evil Diet Cokes), and damn it if I didn’t think and went into *her* stall, whereupon she had left a lovely truffle surprise in the bowl. Yech. I hate her.

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