Lions, Tigers and … Trouser Snakes? Oh, my!

The character formerly known as 420 Boy treated me to an amazing and much-needed “girls’ night out” last night, stopping at a party to see his beloved at this incredible house in D.C. with about six pieces of furniture in it. lol. The place was gorgeous, but albeit pretty expensive, because all the guy had was a hot tub, a couch, an entertainment center, a fireplace and two beds, all told … and most of it that could come from IKEA, did. But it was three doors down from the ghetto; it’s weird how neighborhoods change by merely crossing a street.

As the journey continued, we ended up at Wet, home of all male, all nude dancers. Woo hoo! Sure, every last one of them is more queer than yesterday’s news, but I was desperately in need of some eye and ear candy, so the sight of bouncing balls and the sounds of Kylie Minogue, Cher and No Doubt made for quite an easily enjoyable few hours.

420 … I’ll call him IKEA Boy from now on … was actually approached by one of the dancers. Lab Rat and I were laughing that it’s kinda the equivalent of a hooker giving back the money after the act … these are things that just don’t happen in this lifetime! But IKEA Boy is adorable, I think so anyway, and I know he’d put all those other “butterfaces” to shame if he got a part-time job there. I think I’ve almost convinced him to show up for amateur night, and let’s face it, as a graduate student, he can CERTAINLY justify moonlighting!

At any rate, the music moved our feet across the street to Nation, where it was “velvet” (aka, “gay”) night. (Mental note: HFS-FM broadcasts from there on Fridays … MUST LISTEN!!!). Didn’t see Crackhead David there (surprise), but as usual, I found me a boy to hook up with (it has happened every time I’ve gone there!!! I LOVE Nation!). This visit’s young lad was Kenny from New York. I of course left without him, which was weird ‘cuz IKEA Boy and I saw him leaving at the same time we were (IKEA Boy had mercifully rescued me from Kenny before things got too out-of-hand). But all was good … I’ve officially become a D.C. girl … love ’em and leave ’em, all within the same hour or two. 🙂 But hell, it’s the safest way to work it. No muss, no fuss!

At any rate, in thinking about the Friday Five, and what I would want to do with unlimited funds, I swear, I just want to hit clubs and drink till I drop (in addition to working as a consultant, of course!). There’s just something magical about being in dark places with smoke and flashing disco lights with a Miller Light in your hand, laughing with friends and having strangers grind up against you. 🙂 Today’s hangover was SO worth it!!!

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